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    THE DEBATE Hockey Podcast - Episode 245
    True Cup Contenders

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Brad Burud

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast – Episode 242 – Opposite Directions for Oilers and Kings

Brad Burud/Blake Friars January 30, 2024

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THE DEBATE Hockey Podcast


Opposite Directions for Oilers and Kings

Listen to “THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast – Episode 242 – Opposite Directions for Oilers and Kings” on Spreaker.

The episode features co-hosts Brad Burud and Blake Friars, who engage in lively discussions about the latest happenings in the world of hockey. Brad Burud is noted for his role as a recurring host of the show, known for his insights and in-depth analysis of hockey games and teams. Blake Friars brings his perspective as a passionate hockey enthusiast with a specific interest in team dynamics and the strategic elements of the sport.

Episode Summary:

In this exhilarating episode, Brad Burud and Blake Friars dive headfirst into a whirlwind discussion about the recent peculiar events in the hockey world. They tackle a wide range of topics, from unexpected team performance shifts to odd penalty calls, keeping listeners engaged with their expert commentary and intriguing perspectives. This episode is a treasure trove for hockey buffs eager to dissect the nuances of the game.

Brad and Blake start by dissecting the peculiar week in hockey, examining topics like Vancouver’s helmet design choices and the LA Kings’ and Vegas Golden Knights’ recent fashion decisions on the ice. They also discuss the state of the Pacific Division, where some teams are experiencing momentum shifts, either spiraling downward or launching toward success. Furthermore, the co-hosts touch on the peculiar tribute to Patrick Roy upon his return to Montreal and the impact of past memorable NHL moments. They transition to analyzing the remarkable winning streak of the Edmonton Oilers, contrasting it with the LA Kings’ concerning slump, emphasizing the transformative power of goaltending in the team’s fortunes.

  • Key performance indicators for the Edmonton Oilers and their turnabout from a dismal beginning to setting franchise records.
  • The surprising decisions by referees, including assigning penalties not in the rulebook.
  • The potential for roster shakeups and trades as the NHL All-Star week approaches.
  • Opinions on the NHL’s All-Star game and the effectiveness of the league’s current skills competition format.
  • Persistent concerns over Canadian goaltending talent and the future trajectory of the position within the country.

Notable Quotes:

  • “The hockey jersey is the coolest jersey of all… and you can’t screw with hockey jerseys.” – Brad Burud on the importance of preserving the iconic aesthetic of hockey jerseys.
  • “Every single year I feel like somebody [unexpected] goes to the [NHL] finals.” – Blake Friars, discussing the unpredictability in the outcome of NHL seasons.
  • “Thank God it was in a non super important game.” – Brad Burud on the refereeing incident involving Tyler Myers.
  • “It’s a very hard question to answer because it’s just puzzling.” – Blake Friars, addressing the decline of Canadian goaltending talent.

Tune in to hear Brad and Blake’s engaging takes on these topics and more, as they provide hockey aficionados with a feast of insights and analyses. Don’t miss out on the next episode for more discussions that grab you right into the centre of the hockey arena.



Unveiling the Current State of NHL: Insights from Insider Commentary

The National Hockey League is known for its exciting gameplay, dynamic athletes, and passionate fan base. But like any major sports league, it is also subject to intense scrutiny, controversy, and perpetual evolution. A recent conversation between Brad Burud and Blake Friars sheds light on some current issues faced by the NHL, from team dynamics to players’ influence on the league.

Key Takeaways

  • The Pacific Division presents a contrasting scenario of teams either excelling or experiencing setbacks.
  • The NHL has potentially contentious procedures related to penalties, trading, and player contracts.
  • NHL players’ roles within teams continue to provoke discourse over their performance and impact.

Contrasting Fortunes in the Pacific Division

A Tale of Two Teams: Examining the Divergent Paths of Oilers and Kings

Certain NHL teams can exemplify the unpredictable nature of sports performance, with Edmonton Oilers and LA Kings serving as perfect examples. According to Brad and Blake, the Oilers move from the bottom to the top is mirrored by the Kings’ opposite trajectory. Both teams displayed starkly different outcomes over the week, which Brad critically examines through statistics showing significant improvement in goals against per game and penalty kills for the Oilers. “The last 26 games, they were 23-3-0,” Brad points out while Blake nods to the Oilers’ impressive style of play. This suggests that sports teams can be cyclical and that the Kings’ current struggles might not be permanent.

Attitude and Performance Issues: Vancouver Canucks’ Puzzling Strategy

Blake notes Vancouver’s confusing equipment changes and questions the direct impact on the team’s vision and strategy. While swapping gear could be a minor detail, it can also represent a microcosm of larger decision-making issues within a franchise. The discussion between Brad and Blake ventures into whether such moves signify deeper rooted issues or merely represents a quirky footnote in team history.

NHL’s Rulebook Quirks and Asset Management

The Confusing Penalty Calls and the Mystery of NHL’s LTIR

One point that stood out emphatically during the roundtable was the NHL’s process for managing penalties and player injuries. Blake relays his disbelief over a particular penalty review where a foul was overturned and re-assigned as a different violation. “That’s not in the rule book,” he argues, suggesting a lack of consistency in NHL enforcement. The application of rules, including Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR), where players like Ryan Reeves are cleared to play but remain listed as injured, is potentially problematic. It speaks to a larger need for transparency and clarity within the league’s regulations.

The Signings and Resignations: Core Perry, the Oilers, and NHL Reputations

When Corey Perry’s signing with Edmonton after his obligations with Chicago were terminated, Brad raises a pointed point on double standards. “If he’s not following life’s moral issues well enough to play in Chicago, why is he okay to be in Edmonton?” This speaks to larger themes about how franchises and leagues manage reputations and the messages they send regarding player conduct and acceptable behavior. The differing standards applied to players based on the teams they play for signal significant grey areas in the NHL’s disciplinary framework.

The Players’ Conversations: Debating Talent and Perceptions

Goalkeeping Dilemma: Canada’s Search for Its Next Hockey Hero

Mitchell from Phoenix poses a question highlighting a worry among hockey enthusiasts: Does Canada have a goaltender talent issue? Brad and Blake’s back and forth reflect a shared concern about the decline in prime Canadian goalkeepers. The conversation reveals the need for introspection within Canadian hockey development systems and begs the question of their ability to foster world-class talent moving forward.

Image and Influence: Gallagher, Tippett, and Perry’s Unspoken NHL Impact

Player actions are always under magnification within the NHL. The recent elbows from Gallagher and others reveal a sometimes harsh gameplay culture. Blake zeros in on Gallagher’s history, “He’s an agitator. He’s good at what he does,”while simultaneously recognizing the incongruity of his actions with his reputation. Concerning Tippett and Perry, their signing and extension reflect a belief in potential over past behavior. These moments serve as a reminder of how players’ actions on and off the ice contribute to the narratives that define them and the league at large.

Recapping this week’s insights from Brad Burud and Blake Friars’ discussion opens unexplored avenues for NHL governance, showcasing an intriguing juxtaposition of discipline against free expression and the complex web of team dynamics. The analysis not only offers a peek behind the curtain of hockey operations but extends an understanding of the significance behind each decision and its ripple effect across the league. As the NHL forges ahead, it remains to be seen how these practical and perceptual issues will simmer and perhaps redefine the future of the sport.

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Brad Burud/Blake Friars

Brad Burud brings the rock-solid old-school approach to the show. The Minot, North Dakota native grew up playing hockey, and spends his summers on the links. The diehard hockey fan watches tons of hockey and is full of comments and opinions. The Calgary Flames are his favorite team, and he is often accused of having a Western Conference bias. He is also the host of Flames Unfiltered. Brad brings the conservative, old school approach to the show. He is opinionated and hates losing a debate. Blake Friars brings the Canadian approach to the show. The Bienfait, Saskatchewan native grew up playing hockey for 16 years. The goalie is also a long time Roberto Luongo fan and claims the Vancouver Canucks as his favorite team. Rumors and a few photos have him in Oilers jerseys and cheering for the Habs. He denies it but tends to jump on bandwagons quickly. Blake brings the millennial approach to the show. He is candid in his approach and creates numerous laughs and bad predictions.

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