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    THE DEBATE Hockey Podcast - Episode 245
    True Cup Contenders

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THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast – Episode 238 – WANTED: NHL Caliber Goalies

Brad Burud/Blake Friars January 3, 2024

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THE DEBATE Hockey Podcast


WANTED: NHL Caliber Goalies

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Brad Burud and Blake Friars are the hosts of The Debate Hockey Podcast. They are passionate about hockey and provide in-depth analysis and discussion on various topics related to the sport.

Summary: Brad and Blake discuss the current state of goaltending in the NHL, highlighting the struggles that many teams are facing in finding reliable goaltenders. They also discuss the World Juniors tournament and the controversy surrounding certain hits and refereeing decisions. The hosts then move on to discuss the recent performance of the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, and New Jersey Devils, focusing on the goaltending issues these teams are facing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many NHL teams are struggling to find reliable goaltenders, which is impacting their performance.
  • The World Juniors tournament has been marred by controversial hits and refereeing decisions.
  • The Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, and New Jersey Devils are all facing goaltending issues that could impact their playoff chances.


  • “Canada is not very good, and instead of focusing on why, we’re blaming the refs.” – Brad Burud
  • “The Oilers are winners of the last five, but their goaltending is still a huge problem area.” – Blake Friars


  • Brad Burud and Blake Friars discuss the struggles of NHL goalies this season, with teams like Edmonton, Toronto, Carolina, and New Jersey all facing goaltending issues. They also talk about the recent rule changes in the professional women’s hockey league. The hosts express their concerns about Jonathan Huberdeau’s current performance and discuss the rumors surrounding Elias Pettersson’s contract demands. Overall, they provide a lively and engaging discussion on various hockey topics.

The State of Goaltending in the NHL: A Deep Dive

As we enter the new year, it’s clear that goaltending has become a major issue for many teams in the NHL. From struggling playoff contenders to top-tier teams, the goaltending position has been a source of frustration and disappointment. In this article, we will explore the current state of goaltending in the NHL and delve into the reasons behind the struggles that many teams are facing. We will also discuss potential solutions and the implications for the future of the league.

Introduction: The Troubles of NHL Goaltending

The goaltending position is arguably the most important position in hockey. A strong goaltender can single-handedly win games and carry a team to victory. On the other hand, a struggling goaltender can be a liability and cost their team valuable points in the standings. This season, we have seen an alarming number of goaltenders self-destruct and fail to perform at the level expected of them. Teams that were once considered serious playoff contenders are now struggling to get consistent goaltending, and it’s becoming a major concern.

In this article, we will focus on four teams in particular: the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Carolina Hurricanes, and New Jersey Devils. These teams have all been hit hard by goaltending issues, and it’s affecting their performance on the ice. We will analyze each team’s situation and discuss potential solutions. Additionally, we will explore the recent struggles of goaltenders in the league as a whole and examine the reasons behind their decline in performance.

The Edmonton Oilers: Searching for Stability

The Edmonton Oilers have been on a hot streak lately, winning 16 of their last 21 games. However, their goaltending situation remains a major concern. With Joseph Will of the out due to injury, the Toronto Maple Leafs have had to rely on a combination of Martin Joseph and Ilya Samsonov. While both goaltenders have had their moments, it’s clear that neither of them is a long-term solution. The Maple Leafs and Oilers need a reliable goaltender who can consistently perform at a high level, especially come playoff time.

One potential option for the Oilers is to make a trade. However, their lack of cap space and limited trade assets make this a challenging task. They may have to explore the free agent market or look within their organization for a solution. In the meantime, they will have to rely on their high-powered offense to outscore their opponents and hope that their goaltending can hold up.

The Carolina Hurricanes: Dealing with Injuries and Inconsistency

The Carolina Hurricanes have been hit hard by injuries this season, and their goaltending has suffered as a result. Frederik Andersen has been out with an injury, and Antti Raanta has struggled to fill in. The Hurricanes have had to rely on rookie Pvotr Kochetkov, who has shown flashes of brilliance but has also had his fair share of struggles. The Hurricanes need their goaltending to step up and provide them with consistent performances if they want to maintain their position in the playoff race.

The New Jersey Devils: Struggling to Find Stability

The New Jersey Devils have been on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoff race, and their goaltending has been a major issue. Vitek Vanecek has struggled, and Nico Daws has not been able to provide the stability they need. The Devils need their goaltending to improve if they want to make a push for a playoff spot.

Analysis: The Implications and Potential Impact

The struggles of these teams highlight the importance of solid goaltending in the NHL. A strong goaltender can be the difference between a playoff berth and missing the postseason altogether. It’s clear that these teams need to address their goaltending issues if they want to have any chance of success.

The lack of stability in the goaltending position is a concern for the the league as a whole. It’s not just these four teams that are struggling; many teams are facing similar issues. The decline in goaltending performance can be attributed to a variety of factors, including injuries, lack of confidence, and the increased skill level of opposing players.

Moving forward, teams will need to prioritize the development of goaltenders and ensure that they have a strong pipeline of talent. Goaltending is a position that requires a unique set of skills, and teams must invest in the development of these players from a young age. Additionally, teams may need to be more proactive in addressing their goaltending needs through trades and free agency.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

The state of goaltending in the NHL is a major concern for many teams. The struggles that these teams are facing highlight the importance of solid goaltending in today’s game. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how teams address their goaltending needs and whether we see any changes in the development and training of goaltenders. The NHL is a league that is constantly evolving, and goaltending is no exception. It will be fascinating to see how this position continues to evolve and what impact it will have on the game as a whole.

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Brad Burud/Blake Friars

Brad Burud brings the rock-solid old-school approach to the show. The Minot, North Dakota native grew up playing hockey, and spends his summers on the links. The diehard hockey fan watches tons of hockey and is full of comments and opinions. The Calgary Flames are his favorite team, and he is often accused of having a Western Conference bias. He is also the host of Flames Unfiltered. Brad brings the conservative, old school approach to the show. He is opinionated and hates losing a debate. Blake Friars brings the Canadian approach to the show. The Bienfait, Saskatchewan native grew up playing hockey for 16 years. The goalie is also a long time Roberto Luongo fan and claims the Vancouver Canucks as his favorite team. Rumors and a few photos have him in Oilers jerseys and cheering for the Habs. He denies it but tends to jump on bandwagons quickly. Blake brings the millennial approach to the show. He is candid in his approach and creates numerous laughs and bad predictions.

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